Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands VS Letting Go

If anyone was wondering what all the Drama was about at 3 am here it is. Yes, I edited this status update:


I woke up this morning at around 3am. Some of you know I have not claimed to be anything but an intercessor.

Earlier tonight my sister was curious about why I was tearing up while listening to Destiny Lab, yet turning my head trying to hide them.

I explained to her what had happened in regards to my me being set free from the coming Strong Delusion.

I briefly mentioned what happened with me when my daughter came home not long afterwords asking me about the “Big Bang”.

That is why I feel so passionately about raising awareness to Kent’s situation.

I fell asleep tonight watching Kent Hovind’s “Garden of Eden”  hoping my sister would benefit as well.

*A few hours later I woke up upset, grieving. Instead of praying about the situation as I should have I took matters into my own hands.

I went to take advantage of Social Media, joining and hitting all the Pensacola pages. I also began joining all the Facebook groups.

It is a strategy I used to help spread the word for the 2nd last Giant Conference in Texas.

This is the audio made available from our Ancient Mysteries: Sons Of God, Giants Of Old conference.

I was informed later many people mentioned that calmcrash sent them there. Initially, I was helping behind the scenes and did not want any attention as per Matthew 6.

I am only mentioning it now for 2 reasons. The 1st being, that I was told to do a journal elaborated in the 1st link above.  The 2nd is so that you also will be inspired to use whatever time you have to reach as many people as you can, and of course as you are led. Besides, it’s public now anyways:

I truly hope that it touched many people in a deeper level than I can comprehend today just as Kent Hovind mentions his passion for souls in “Evolution the Foundation for Communism.”

In retrospect, this was a beautiful strategy. However, what I did today was something quite different.


Just as I was joining all the Pensacola Groups, “on a mission from God”, or so I thought, a powerful woman of God began chatting with me in private. The timing could not be more impeccable. There are NO coincidences. Speaking of taking matters into my own hands and being counterproductive; some of you have heard me say “The Big Guy told *me no more debates”. Now you know why I don’t have the patience nor tact anymore.


She started off by saying, “You are a spirit filled believer correct? Tomorrow we need all the prayer warriors on that prayer line we can get. I hope you pray with us.” It’s funny because I am an intercessor. Hmm, intercessor, prayer & believer, well encouraging me to fast, I love conviction!

(I just screenshot these as I was writing so the times are off)

I mentioned about breaking down every time I think about his situation. She said, “well how do you think that this thing grieves God ? We need to be careful when we ask God to break our heart for what breaks his.”


I was killing myself, loosing sleep taking these matters into my own hands instead of handing this over to The Creator.  She continued on, “we are to have faith that produces much, ..as the word says ‘faith as a mustard seed’..


YES, I even joined the humane society and I was just warming up as I joined a 100+ groups. Next was the IRS, documents and “Jury Nullification” information.

All things it is possible with God!”

Meanwhile, I was afraid as some were liking and commenting others would join and go overboard, which is what I tend to do.


In reality I have many other friends around Facebook who I believe should give the Holy Spirit some more breathing room as well. Nope, I’m not taking it down. Lesson learned, I pray. This puppy is going in my journal:


Whatever happens as Kent Hovind says, you wouldn’t eat.. Crisco by itself, ..Salt, ..Flour,.. etc, but when you put them together (down the road after letting the Holy Spirit work, my insertion). “All things work together for good..”

So far Ken’t situation has inspired thousands of others as well as reaching over 700 people in jail. Just helping 1 would be all worth it in the end.

She continues on, “when Jesus told them to have faith as a mustard seed that does not mean little faith. God says do not lean on your own understanding. When you feel you are loosing hope, get into his word.”

The past 2 weeks for me have been all about letting go. I even dropped to my knees less than 1 weeks ago and gave him my house. Something brewing is in the works, a fire deep within. I hope this encourages many to also let go in every aspect of your lives, from family, material items like houses and everything between, even social media.