*NOTICE: This WordPress blog will be converted into my Journal. A new website is in the works!

This WordPress blog will be converted into my journal. I am taking this public, hoping that it may inspire others. 

*UPDATED: ” calmcrash.com ” I am working on a new website where I will be swapping these two sites and loading massive amounts of content there. I definitely will keep you posted.

No more procrastinating

The Creator told me almost two years back to start writing a journal. I remember when I had confirmation at my local Bible study and a several other times as well. including recently on the phone with my old friend Grant as well as a new one from Facebook.


I have written a few pieces, but sadly, I have procrastinated and it has taken it this long to finally listen as well as find a workable solution. Doubt set it when someone else mentioned to me that there was no need as I would be reminded when needed.

We all have our own walk

I disagree now. This is my personal walk and it will be easier for me to type this all out than to write it down because of the fire, coma and scar tissue that now affects my right hand. Unfortunately, I used that as an excuse to justify avoiding doing what I should have done because my hand acts up after five minutes with a pen or pencil. This turns my perfect calligraphy into kindergarten hand writing. After all, we live in the age of technology. I could have even used voice to text. Being a Network Engineer, I above all people have no legitimate excuses.


Last Friday Grant explained why this would be so helpful in a logical approach. I could always come back, be inspired, find solutions and look back at how far I have come. Just another confirmation to add to the list.


After conversing with a new friend on the phone via Josh, Jen too confirmed this. She has also been extremely helpful in encouraging me to do so. Everyone that knows me has heard I love confirmations! It is just one out of many ways The Creator will connect with you. It also let’s you know for an absolute fact that it was indeed from him.


I plan on also be backtracking through time, including elaborating on my testimony. That is another thing I regret to say I have put on the back burner. For those interested in my testimony here is a brief overview, my 1st interview I have ever done. Forgive me as I was having some phone issues sporadically. Josh Peck cleaned up the audio.

*PLEASE NOTE: The Creator has not released me into teaching to date. I do know for an absolute fact that I have the gift of intercession.

The Sharpening 018: Rob Baxter III and Calm Crash Pt 1

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The Sharpening 019: Rob Baxter III and Calm Crash Connections Pt 2

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