Knowledge from Above & Principalities VS People

I just arrived home from Texas spending the entire day with my beautiful wife.

That night I received a message from my father to look for work.

I logged into Facebook immediately after and saw a message from my friend about work!

“Well that was fast!”

I was so eccstatic I immediately went to meet my friend to catch up and we discussed my trip and how there are no coincidences. He then testified tearfully to this himself from something that happened to him recently.

The next day he received a nerve-racking phone call.

As I watched him I saw fear set in. Like a good father his dad told home to take me. That really stood out after learning about the roles of a perfect family.

On the way up The Holy Spirit showed me what was going on with the individual we were going to meet. As I described who this person was I also saw how he opened legal doors to the enemy.

When we arrived my friend had to go to the bathroom. When he did I looked over the building to where this meeting was taken place and I saw a 60 foot fallen angel and the Holy Spirit said; “principality”. Around it’s feet I saw a few evil spirit’s as well.

When my friend came back I said to him, “you know what I just saw! That’s who your fighting! Your not fighting people! Your fighting this thing!” Tears began to fill his eyes. I saw the torment he had gone through at that moment.

I’d like to note that the person I met there was a really nice guy. Legal doors can happen to any of us

After the meeting had ended and we arrived back his father asked, “so what do you think?”

I said what do I think? As I began to tell him what happened on the way up he grabbed his baseball cap and the it on the ground! That really stood out to me! After I finished I walked away.

After they finished we did a walkthrough. When it was done his father came up to me and told me that his wife had been praying every night for him for 8 months asking God to send him someone. Than he said “it was you Rob, it was you”! The second time he said that tears filled his eyes and joyful tears filled mine.

I walked away, came back said do you know what I was doing 3 weeks ago!?..

80 Foot Prncipality strings someone like a puppet. Their eyes turn dark & yellow like Anakin Skywalker:

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