RADICAL LOVE, Spiritual Headship, My Familiar Spirit: “The Spirit of Infirmity”

IMMEDIATELY after I repented my wife shut herself in our basement and went through 4 years of torment:


All my so called; Panic Attacks, Heart Palpitations, Social Anxiety & Agoraphobia became her “symptoms”. After 2 years alone with just me & The Almighty speaking to me as I prayed, reading his words & worshiping I decided to look for a local church. Unfortunately, they believe that demonic spirits took a vacation to Mars.

That is when I dropped to my knees and asked him for something REAL. I was passed through several people and finally someone told me to go to 32 Mary. When I arrived it was Jim Paul the Prophetic man of The Almighty who walked me through salvation roughly 18 years prior. I LOVE confirmation!


My wife would stay up days on end at times up to 72hrs. She would only come out to eat. She was a social butterfly helping at children’s community centers, running the local baseball league etc, the happy go lucky center of attention spunky woman I love.  My children went without their mother for over 4 years! It was extremely hard on them. She never left the house and stopped attending family events and functions. When she did come out to grab food and retreat into the basement this was typically a very intense situation as only negative attention was given to everyone and more importantly the children. Anytime she heard me whispering to them about The Creator she would run up cursing; “No religion in this house!”

Jim had a prophetic word that I had to forgive myself for what had happened to her and I broke down that day. As time went by I also had many Prophetic words from Jim & even other Prophets who I asked to pray for her salvation like Joan regarding “RADICAL LOVE”, because that’s how I was going to win my family back.

When I was praying for this woman who had passed away words began pouring out of my mouth that were not mine. I looked around me as I was thinking what just happened? Was that me who said that? Where did those words even come from? As time passed it happened a 2nd time. This time I walked downstairs groggy and incoherent as I do when I wake and said pretty loud, firm and stern: “I BIND THE SPIRIT OF INFIRMITY OVER MY WIFE & THIS HOUSE IN THE NAME OF JESUS & I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE!”

3 days after my wife began sleeping with me in the same bed, going out shopping, calling all her girlfriends catching up and hanging out with our children I was ecstatic but dumbfounded how it seemed that a switch  flipped from off to on. Admiring my wife from a distance as she was bubbly chatting away on the phone like her old self it dawned on me, it was that incident 3 days prior. I rrraced to the computer and Googled: “Infirmity” reading all the definitions from 3 dictionaries. BAAAAAAAAAANG! There it was! I have been breaking down & thanking & praising him several times a day for a month now! MY KIDS HAVE THEIR MOTHER & I HAVE MY WIFE BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

I had to learn several things 1st. Spiritual Headship, Obedience & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,  – *RADICAL LOVE!


2 responses to “RADICAL LOVE, Spiritual Headship, My Familiar Spirit: “The Spirit of Infirmity”

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  2. Wow this is an amazing story. Praise God. These are the stories you need to remember when you’re going through tough times . Thanks for sharing thsi


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